The Pearls of Purity was founded in July 2017 by Efua Uke and for about 2 years, monthly meetings were held in her living room where she taught and provided young girls with the support they needed to go through life.

After 2 years, her living room could no longer contain the number of girls attending meetings and we moved our meetings to our current venue.

At The Pearls of Purity, we understand the pressure young girls are facing daily to conform to what they shouldn’t be. Body shaming and bullying can make girls feel less of themselves. Girls are becoming more less confident about themselves.

For the young girls going through puberty, trying to grasp what is happening to their bodies can be difficult. We support young girls by providing a safe place for them to express how they are feeling; knowing fully well that they will get or be directed to a place where they can get the necessary support they need.

Using God’s word as our guide; we provide spiritual support by helping girls understand their identity in Christ. We encourage each other to stay unique just as God has created us to be.

At The Pearls of Purity, young girls are never alone. They learn to do and enjoy life with other girls.


WE TEACH young girls who they are and how to embrace all what God has created them to be.

WE SUPPORT young girls by creating a safe and transparent environment to help them feel comfortable in. We help answer their questions and direct them to areas where they can get more support if need be.

WE EMPOWER young girls by equipping them with tools to excel in life. We help them identify their skills and show them how those skills can be used.

WE MENTOR young girls by being available to them. We provide listening ears and a shoulder to lean on. We provide advice on general life challenges such as relationships, friendships, self-esteem, bullying, morality etc.


Cedar Mount Academy Gorton Education Village 50 Wembley Road. Manchester. M18 7DT


Gathering of Pearls is an annual girls conference hosted by The Pearls of Purity where we hold breakout sessions, panel discussions, Q&As and talk sessions on different topics. There are always games, dance, raffle draws and other activities to make these conferences even more enjoyable and memorable.