The Pearls of Purity is an organisation that encourages young women to honour God with their bodies; letting them know that purity is achievable. Humans are made up of spirit, soul and body. To be able to go through life successfully, the young girl have to understand this concept and be able to attend to the needs of these 3 parts of her.

At The Pearls of Purity, we don’t believe in focusing on one aspect and neglecting the other. We help young girls by providing them with teachings, training and support they need to have a healthy spirit, soul and body.

Spiritual Support for the Spirit

We sadly live in a world where society is painting a picture to our young girls telling them that their bodies are just mere objects. However, we refuse to accept this idea. We understand that we are created in God’s image and likeness and we endeavour to glorify God with our lives including our bodies. We encourage each other to stay unique – just as God has called us to be, not to conform to the patterns of the world. We guide our lives with the word of God. We believe in accountability and transparency as we produce fruits that will change our world for the better.

Emotional Support for the Soul

As puberty kicks in, our bodies undergo tremendous changes. This affects the way we look and think. Most girls go through body image issues which can lead to low self-esteem if not dealt with appropriately. Having to deal with this challenge, alongside school work and possible bullying from others can be a tremendous task. At The Pearls of Purity, we are passionate about helping girls through this tough phase by letting them know they are never alone, and helping them combat the fear associated with body image challenges. Our Girl Talk sessions are tailored to equip girls with necessary information needed to help build their confidence and to stay mentally healthy.

Physical Support for the Body

At age 12, young females try to grasp what is happening to their bodies. The topic of menstruation and maintaining a good personal hygiene seems to be something shameful to talk about. We take the shame element off these topics as we encourage girls to embrace the totality of who they are. We teach them how to maintain good personal hygiene and mentor them on how to deal with life issues; providing a safe haven for them to thrive. Body shaming is something we all are familiar with and sadly it’s an issue our young girls will most likely have to deal with in the world we live in. With this in mind, the importance of teaching girls to love who, how and what they are created to be is very vital. Once achieved, we will end up with confident young girls who are comfortable in their shape, skin colour and sizes; who can say no to societal pressure of conforming to an idea of beauty that isn’t realistic. Our monthly meetings gives opportunity for girls to learn and also make friends with other likeminded girls. At The Pearls of Purity, young girls are never alone. They learn to do and enjoy life with other pearls.

Other Charity Work

Every girl is a pearl. Every girl should know she is a pearl. Every girl should be treated as a pearl. Our founder is very passionate about helping every girl know this truth. However she understands that it can be difficult for a girl to accept this when she is not even able to take care of her basic hygiene needs. The Pearls of Purity is currently working with Pay Attention To Her (PATH), a project of HEAL FOR AFRICA INITIATIVE in providing free sanitary towels to young girls in Nigeria. This is an ongoing project. Please feel free to contact us if you want to be involved.

If you are looking for a sisterhood, a place of love, accountability and transparency, a place where people are fearless about Jesus Christ, a place where you can be real and grow, a place whenever you can get every support necessary as you continue to evolve into who God has called you to be, you are at the right place! Join us and let’s do life together!